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Our Philosophy

Dr. Par is committed to providing personalized care. By listening to your specific needs, Dr. Par employs the latest  techniques and technologies to assess your whole health and create a plan of action best suited to you. Through patient education and advanced methodologies Dr. Par works with you to achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether it’s long hours at a desk or on the field,  Dr. Par will help you become pain-free to get you back in the game.

Meet Dr. Par

Put your health in healing hands.


Dr. Parham Tabloei is among the industry’s leading Orthopedic Physical Therapists in Los Angeles. His methodology is grounded in movement optimization and holistic rehabilitation. Starting with improving mobility and flexibility, Dr. Par works with you to restore strength and neuromuscular control.


No two injuries are exactly the same. This means your treatment plan needs to be as unique as you. Starting with a comprehensive physical analysis, Dr. Par will design a rehabilitation program specific to your needs combining manual therapy, movement programs, and injury education to maximize your recovery.

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Empowering you through correct exercise alignment, lifestyle changes and self-management skills to prevent re-injury, and improve longevity. There are no shortcuts to perfect health,

Dr. Par will be on your case ensuring   weekly progress.

He believes in providing the tools necessary for you to become independent.

Whole Health

Looking at more than just the injury site, Dr. Par  administers a comprehensive physical assessment, taking into account your whole physical health, lifestyle, physical activities and goals. Using a holistic approach to health, rehabilitation and  prehabilitation programs are tailored to your needs and abilities.



Always a sucker for more schooling, Dr. Par is constantly exploring the latest manual techniques and technologies to aid in effective and efficient recovery. State-of-the-art tools provide you with the best care in modern Physical Therapy. 

After a detailed movement assessment, a plan of action is implemented offering therapy options, exercise programs and practical solutions that suit your lifestyle. Your passport to success is laid-out in a custom plan, taking into account your goals, timeframe and abilities.

Manual Therapy

Running Assessment/Custom Foot Orthotics

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Concierge Services

Physical Therapy


Pre and Post

Surgical Care

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"As a professional trainer, I have first hand knowledge and resources to stay fit, strong, and physically aligned.  However, after an auto accident and a lower back injury, I found that even with my skill set I was experiencing pain and was frustrated in not being able to continue my regular training routine.  Seeing Dr. Tabloei on a regular basis helped tremendously.  With subtle adjustments to my routine and with his treatments, he helped me avoid epidurals and pain medications while maintaining the same level of activity and workload I am used to.  Now that I'm feeling pain free, I still find his weekly tune ups imperative to keeping my focus on track and maintaining core strength to stabilize my condition.  I highly recommend Dr. Tabloei to anyone dealing with pain or injuries.  He will change your life and keep you on a healing track!"

- Matt R. 

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