Patient Testimonials

Lack of basic physical education and imbalanced habits brought me to the point where I experienced frequent pains and discomfort in my body. I recognized signals as a call to take care of my body and sought for help.I found Dr. Par’s initial exam particularly helpful. X-rays were insightful. I liked that my complaints were treated a level higher beyond painful symptoms.


Relief from pain is important, but to find the cause of pain is the most noble goal. The body is a complex biosystem and I was happy to see it treated with respect and attention.. It is truly incredible feeling how good life could be without pain. Then everything started changing and improving: senses, feelings, habits, body dynamics, posture, mindset, lifestyle, and so on . Thank you for your patience and attention Dr. Par. 

-Pavel S.


I saw Dr. Par for a sports injury to my calf. Hands on physical therapy was particularly beneficial. I am now able to play soccer consistently injury free. I love the vibe in Dr. Par’s office and, quite personally, I like being able to ask questions about my injury, body, or treatment process and to get an honest, intelligent answer. 

-Ro V.


I had been diagnosed with hamstring tendonitis and my previous PT regiment didn't seem to be helping at all. Seeing Dr. Par helped me identify all the factors contributing to my pain and we started working to address all of them.  My hamstring and knee pain greatly diminished and I was able to move on to quad work to help finish addressing all the underlying issues. I can now see a path to getting back to the physical level I'd like to be at.It's been great! I have fun while getting tortured so that says a lot :)

-Tessa B.


I started with chiropractic, and was eventually referred to physical therapy with Dr. Par. I realized I preferred PT though and eventually only went to that. Stretching and trying to gain any additional motion back in both posterior chain and shoulders was my primary goal. I now definitely have a better sense of what "correct" is, and I do feel like my general posture has improved from when I started. I like that Dr. Par has an explanation for the way certain treatments work and why, whenever I ask. 

-Matthew N.


3-4 years ago i was suffering from sciatica into my left leg. I thought if I started walking I could get myself back in shape but that was not the case. my legs felt like rocks after a 10 minute walk and it was painful. PT is a process and my recovery took time, after all I had neglected my body for years.  My struggle was with exercise and a consistent treatment regiment. After seeing Dr. Par I am now going for walks and evening running without pain. I can actually run now! That makes me very happy. Every time I come to his office he provides me with great care. He keeps himself up to date with the latest technology and that's great. I was about 52 year old when I first started with Dr. Par. My body felt like a person in her 80's. Today I'm 57 and I feel like I'm 40, sometimes even 20 when I go dancing :). Dr. Par and his team have helped me feel good about myself. Thank you. 

-Delphine C.


With Dr. Par, you are not “just another patient” but are treated like you are his special patient, with full understanding of your condition, and just what needs to be done to make you well again. You don’t have to think twice. If you select Dr. Par as your Physical Therapist, rest assured you’ve made the right decision!! I was referred to him by an expert hip surgery advisor, and after 3 failed hip surgeries with other surgeons. At every stage of the PT, Dr. Par did a thorough intake exam, worked out a mutually agreeable PT Program, and I have progressed very well under his expert guidance. Dr. Par is a very experienced Physical Therapist, knowledgeable about every aspect of the human body affected by your malady for which you are seeing him, and has the best bedside manner you could ever ask for!


Dr. Par is a “Pro” in every sense of the word!! My therapy was for a “failed left hip replacement and failed surgical revisions”. Mine was a very tough, and unique case requiring the most expert PT treatment to recover. Dr. Par did not shy away from taking on my case and I am well on my way to what I believe will be a complete PT recovery situation. What more can I say? Dr Par is the best, bar none! if I ever have an issue about some aspect of my treatment or progress, Dr Par is very open to discuss any aspect of my treatment, and why we are doing certain things, in order to speed (with caution) my full recovery! Continued excellence, caring insight, and professional treatment of a wide variety of injuries, with the amazing ability to treat such a wide variety of cases as if each one was his unique specialty! 

-James M.


I injured my back and was prescribed physical therapy. Everything Dr. Par did for me has helped. I appreciate him slowly breaking me into each treatment and explaining everything. I feel the stretching/deep tissue points that Dr. Par works out by hand or with his elbow has been the most helpful in feeling relief from the pain. Although I have felt sore at times, no part of the treatment has been too much of a struggle. Thank you for helping me to get relief! 

-Kristina C.


I slipped and fell backwards on my wrist while playing softball. This resulted in a bone contusion and some torn/stiff ligaments in me wrist. Dr. Par was very attentive during our sessions and he knew exactly what needed to be done to get my wrist to 100% ASAP. The most beneficial treatments were some of the machines that he used to help through the healing process as well as his stretching exercises. The treatment I struggled with the most was the Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training. I was thrilled to be able to surf again after a few months out of the water! I was able to find Dr. Par and get the treatment that I needed toward a full recovery without problems in the future. And now I am working with him on many other ailments. 

-Nick V.


I went to Dr. Par when I was trying to recover from a knee injury. Dr Par gave me at home workouts that helped strengthen my knee. I really haven’t had knee pain since working with Dr Par. everything in my body feels a lot stronger. It’s been a positive experience all around. I appreciate the attention my injury received and how many times Dr. Par tried new things to help me get stronger. 

-Naja C.


I had pain down my hip and leg and wanted to learn how to stretch it and manage the pain naturally. Dr. Par showed me some great stretches and really helped loosen up the area through the massages and machines he uses. Dr. Par does a great job helping me feel comfortable. I now notice significant Improvements in my day-to-day mobility . I really appreciate how Dr. Par gives a brief agenda of what a session will include and working with the chiropractor and acupuncturist as a team on a unified program. 

-Frank C.


I’d seen many chiropractors without much results, but always felt my pain was more about my muscles/tissues than my joints and spine. Dr. Par made me realize that a lot of my pain comes from being tight and he has trained me to really focus on stretching and warmups which has allowed me to continue my workout routine.  I’m extremely happy working with Dr. Par; he’s better than of the 6 or 7 Chiropractors I’ve seen and the only doctor that I felt has helped treat my issues. 

-Monroe C.

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