Dr. Par is committed to providing personalized care. By listening to your specific needs, Dr. Par employs the latest  techniques and technologies to assess your whole health and create a plan of action best suited to you. Through patient education and advanced methodologies Dr. Par works with you to achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether it’s long hours at a desk or on the field,  Dr. Par will help you become pain-free to get you back in the game.


If you could go back in time and take better care of your body before an accident, would you? What if it meant you could prevent the accident from ever happening or avoid injury? No, this isn’t an episode of The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror. This is Prehabilitation.

We all get those notifications from our Dentist reminding us of our six month check-up to avoid cavities and prevent tooth decay. Why not treat your body the same way? Instead of waiting for an accident to happen or a weak point to suddenly give out, check in with your Physical Therapist to test your range of motion, strength, stability and movement quality. Through a comprehensive physical exam Dr. Par will assess areas that need attention and provide ways to improve mobility and prevent injury. All too often Dr. Par sees patients when it’s too late. Disrupt the status quo. Get a Physical Therapy check-up with Dr. Par to know that you’re on the right track to healthy living.

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